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The Empowerment Project

“Road to Results”
Using Mindfulness as Our GPS

The Empowerment Project is a science based mindfulness program that offers a variety of workshops & seminars for workplaces, schools and parents. The epicenter of this training is learning how to understand and manage stress by building a foundation of emotional intelligence. Mindfulness techniques are utilized to build emotional intelligence that ultimately enhance hard skills such as leadership, behaviour management or communication, just to name a few. The programs are practical and presented in a way that individuals can relate and utilize in any aspect of life resulting in personal and professional growth.

As the world shut down 2 years ago, so did many people. Companies were forced into remote operations and the traditional office dynamic was lost. The transition was challenging for employees and employers alike and trying to balance work and home life was a major stress for many. Unfortunately, the fall out of the pandemic affected the mental health of so many and recovery from it is going to take a great deal of time. There has been a substantial rise in employee stress leaves and a substantial drop in employee engagement. This course was designed with one objective in mind, to equip employees with the tools they need to lower their stress levels, boost productivity and get them on the ‘road to results’. By providing these tools employers are playing a vital role in supporting their employees through these challenging times and moving forward. 


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